Electronic Voice Phenomena and Audibles

We are including both Electronic Voice Phenomena and recordings that were audible at the time they were recorded on the same page. The recordings on this page, for now, are categorized by the investigators who caught them.

Please note: all evidence is the sole property of the credited owner and are shared here with explicit permission.


Bob Davis of Planet Paranormal Investigations

In an amazing dialogue with Jackie the little girl Ghost in the first class swimming pool, Bob Davis and Brian Clune were able to capture an entire 20 minute conversation with the little girl entity. Here is the full audio sequence from that night.

Bob telling Jackie that it's okay to call him Uncle Bob, and her answer. Boosted

"You're not my uncle." Boosted

Jackie says, "Candy". Stretched

A short Peter James clip of dialogue with Jackie circa 1991


Brian Clune of Planet Paranormal Investigations

Brian was also recording at the time of Bob's dialogue with Jackie. Here are his clips.

Brian's Full Jackie Audio Clip

Brian's sound clip of Jackie's response to "You can call me uncle."

Jackie: "You're not my uncle!"

Bob Davis of Planet Paranormal Investigations

Bob Davis Bob is the founder of Planet Paranormal Investigations and Queen Mary Shadows. He is a long time researcher of the Queen Mary and her spirits.

These are some of the EVP's he's gathered.

audible longQM pool Grump scream and growl night 2

possibly Sarah-Hello.

grumpy growl1.

bathroom evp unknown words filtered.

audible QM grumpy night one clip1.

grumpy growl 2.

darkness scream.

Queen Mary pools rooms-Can you say hello_HELLO 1.

Queen Mary pool rooms-Jackie can you talk to me_NO I CANT.

Queen Mary Pool Audible Q and A Talk to us Jackie-HELLO-is that you Jackie-YES-can you laugh for us-NO.

QM strs audible yell.

QM pool stairs Grumpy not here.

QM haaa boiler entry.

QM aud boiler scream.

QM archives unknown1.

QM Bob Awesome.

Mommy Mommy good copy.

Mommy Jackie boiler room.

Jackie please.

Jackie help 1 faint.

I walk QM archives.

audible scream pool.

"The following are my audio clips from the Nightwatchers event at the Queen Mary on 11-13-10."
~Bob Davis

"This is in the First Class Pool: David from Nightwatchers Socal talking to Bob Davis. David is automatic writing and telling Bob what the spirits are saying as I record and he writes. You hear an evp of a spirit saying 'find me' and then David say's 'find me.'"

"During and automatic writing session in the First Class Pool that David from Nightwatchers Socal is conducting, you hear an evp say 'Hold Me.'"

"First Class Pool: In this clip you hear Bob Davis of Planet Paranormal ask if you can give David from Nightwatchers a name. Then you hear a voice say 'Sarah.'"

"First Class Pool: Vici Ruffulo calls out for someone to talk to her and and audible response comes back 'Hello.'"

"During an automatic writing session in the First Class Pool, you hear David of Nightwatchers Socal describing what Jackie and Sara the little girl ghosts are doing as Bob Davis looks for the girls. You hear David say the girls are hiding and then when Bob asks 'Where are you girls hiding?' and an evp says 'Hiding.'"

Short Version of "hiding" EVP.

"Donn Shy in changing room area of the First Class Pool. Donn is asking if the spirits can just say something so we know they are there and a male voice say's 'Pretty.'"

Jamie Dwyer

This EVP was submitted by Jamie Dwyer of East Valley Paranormal

"I was down @ 13 just before they came over to shut down that part of the ship for the night. I wanted to take some last minute pics and had my recorder running. I was all by myself and had passed the last family going back up on my way down. I ran down the two levels stopped for a few minutes took my pictures and then left. I did not hear the voice at the time, but it sure was evident when I played it back that night."
~ Jamie Dwyer

Joe and Vici Ruffulo

During an investigation, Joe and Vici Ruffulo picked up the following EVP while near infamous Door 13.

"Door 13 Female Long & Short – The short version is only the EVP and the long version has talking before and after. You ask Jackie to come down and see us. Right at the 3 second mark you can hear a female sound. You may need to amplify it. After that you comment about hearing something." ~ Joe and Vici Ruffulo

Door 13 Long Version:

Door 13 Short Version:

Heather Wexler

The following EVP's were obtained by Heather Wexler of East Valley Paranormal.

"I captured an interesting sound clip at the pool when we were investigating the Queen Mary on the 24th. At first, I had this segment marked as a much shorter clip of Jackie in the distant background (which, so far, I am the only one who can hear). The next clip I marked, I almost dismissed as a fellow investigator, but something about it was different, and I couldn't let that difference go. Incidentally, as I began to listen to the span of space between the two clips, I realized that there was a lot more going on in between the two parts most easily heard. It mingles with the voices of other investigators who are actually standing along the wall with the slide. You were down there at the time too. This audio was actually captured on our little full-spectrum camera. See if you can pick up the male voice at the end!"
~ Heather Wexler

James and Liz Johnson

At the end of a tour of the Queen Mary, James and Liz Johnson caught this EVP of what sounds like a quick scream from the pool ghost Jackie.

Cornelia Davidson

December 8th, 2010 Investigation with Cornelia, a medium/psychic.

"'Get out of here' - We were in the pool. About 20 minutes into our adventure. This one's pretty clear, and sounds female."

"'Bob' - Sounds like Grumpy. But it's this long drawn out Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooob."

"Unclear whispering - This is after Bob calls out to Jackie & Sarah. Can't understand what's being said."

"Unclear..yet angry - Someone didn't like us knowing they were in the Purser's office. It got worse when Liz, Vici, and I were all in there."

"'Hello'...more whispering - Door 13. Shaft Alley"

2 "'Hello's' - Shaft Alley walking back towards the turbines. One sounds male, the other sounds female. Not quite sure on this one."

"I hear Peter James say my name, then later his well-recognized question. After that someone says, "Run back out." I had a gateway open at the time, so it may have been someone already in the pool, or on the other side saying it. I'll never know for sure. Yes, the gateway was closed within 3 minutes of opening."

Dave Harvey

David has over 27 years experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. His long current career as a professional museum conservator has led him to consult or restore everything from Ancient Egyptian artifacts to human remains. David is an independent paranormal researcher, and the founder of the Paranormal Science Network.

Captured 05/18/09 "Ok. This was one that I got last year. My first time on the Queen Mary and my Zoom recorder was new. When I checked the audio the next morning I found that I had not saved the files correctly and 4 hrs. of audio was lost. I was not happy. So I re-read the manual and decided to run the recorder in my car when I was heading over to a friend's house in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. When I checked the audio I found several EVP's from the 30 min. car ride. On this one you will hear the sound of the car engine. My car radio is on and you'll hear a female announcer from NPR. Immediately after her voice comes in a creepy voice that says, 'Queen Mary is My Ship!'"

The following EVP's were captured during an investigation conducted on 07/24/10.

"This is when we had walked up to the Pool Room and are waiting for the Guard to go around and open the door. Rebecca tells everyone what to do, and Bob starts to answer, and as he talks a male voice comes in and three times says, 'Bull - Shit....Bull - Shit...Bull-Shit!'. The third one is the clearest."

"In this one, right after we get into the pool, Bob tells Jackie that her friend Cornelia is here, after all these years. You will hear a faint whispery male voice say, 'Cornelia' three times in this clip. The last one is probably the clearest."

"In this one the Pool is pretty silent, you will hear a whispery male voice say, 'Hold me' right before Rebecca talks."

"In this one Bob says, "I thought you were going to follow us over from the other place?" Then is is fairly quiet and you'll hear faint whispered voices (possibly two spirits here) saying: 'She wants the ball / I can't read you'

"In this one the voice comes in as we are talking - so you'll need to listen a couple of times to get this one. Cornelia is saying that Sarah isn't here., then I say 'I'm feeling a little...' and then a female whispery voice comes in and says, 'I'm Here!' and then Cornelia says, 'This is her turf'."

"This is a clearer one. The voice is louder but overlays what Cornelia is saying. Cornelia starts saying, 'One of the things was...' at the same time a creepy voice says, 'Working Must Stop!'. Then Cornelia continues, 'When I was working here I was giving a tour'"

Same EVP as above but with Noise Reduction:

"Ok. This one layers in our conversation - so you have to listen carefully and play it a few times. You may need headphones for this one. Cornelia is saying that Sarah is right here, I am agreeing and saying that I feel her right in between us. Then I say, 'Hey Sarah' and there is an immediate, very faint girl's voice that replies, 'Help Me' and then Cornelia talks and the clip ends. This one kind of breaks my heart..."

"This is when we had walked up to the Pool Room and are waiting for the Guard to go around and open the door. Rebecca tells everyone what to do, and you start to answer Bob, and as you talk a male voice comes in and three times says, 'Bull - Shit....Bull - Shit...Bull-Shit!'"

"This next one [Bob Davis is] talking to Jackie about helping to find her Mom and Dad (at this point someone present coughs) and right after you'll hear Jackie (she sounds far off) saying, 'Where is she?'."

Possible audio of Jackie laughing or humming.

"I had just told Cornelia and Liz about how I had mocked Joe and Rebecca a bit when I was at Alcatraz and you'll hear a creepy male voice come in and say, 'Nice call!'"

"Bob and I are talking and when Bob says, 'And you'll hear a voice echo like crazy...' there is a quick whispered voice that says, 'Bob'."

"This comes in - a different voice so is probably not John Pederer. But he sure didn't like someone!"

EVP's captured on 07/24/10 continued.

"Another one where we not only have us talking but also someone else who is fairly loud in the room. Cornelia is talking about getting in trouble with her tours. Right after Cornelia says, '..and people would ask how would you know it was done?' There is a small pause and a faint female voice says, 'Thank You!' It comes in there quick so really listen closely!"

"Liz says, 'She's touching me right here' then Cornelia says, 'She's a good girl' then you'll hear a distinctly whispery female voice say 'Hey!' that ends the clip."

"I am saying, 'She's very sweet' then as Cornelia talks and says, 'She's very, very sweet..' You'll hear a whispery female voice at the same time say, 'Yeah'"

"This one is kind of interesting and may be a double EVP with more than one entity. Cornelia is talking and as she talks you'll hear a weird female voice say, 'To What?' with a weird pitch and cadence. Then just a couple of seconds later you can hear a whispered voice repeat it, 'To What?' - again as Cornelia is talking."

"In this one Cornelia says, 'I've heard Sarah scream' there is a short pause, 'Cal State University students...' and immediately after you'll hear a faint female voice say, 'I'm Here'".

"This one may be hard for any of you to hear. I pick up on it because I am clairaudiant. There is no one speaking directly near the recorder but you can hear some medium distant conversation in the background. Over this is a very faint whispery male voice that says, 'Want me gone.'"

"In this one I am near Bob and you will hear him a bit in this. This is one that may also have two spirits - or if it is one then the audio is different in the two instances in this. At the beginning there is a gruff male voice that is hard to make out, but I believe he says, 'I'm Bad', then you hear a little of Bob, and the second is a whispered male voice that overlays Bob and says, 'Call me Wolf'".

"This is one of the best! Liz and Cornelia, had both gone upstairs because they saw the spirits up there and were pursueing them. I think you'll hear Cornelia say 'hello' and then Jackie comes in very clearly and says, ' caught me playing!'

"The same clip as above but with the noise removal done. Sometimes in these you get very creepy overlapping voices along with the audio you want to make clearer - it could just be us in the room or possibly be picking up many spirits. But this does make Jackie sound clearer."

"In this one you can hear someone walking up the stairs and a very loud female humming."

Someone asks Jackie to say goodnight, and gets a reply.

"You'll hear me say twice, 'She's right here'. After the second time there will be a short pause and you'll hear a faint whispered voice say, 'Help Me'. It is almost at the end of the clip."

"Cornelia says, 'Hello' and Jackie answers! This is a clear one - 'You caught me..' and I think she also says 'playing'."

"It was a weird sound that everyone heard and reacted to."

"In this one Cornelia is explaining about the meaning of ice cream on the QM and a fairly clear creepy male voice says, 'Helps'."

"Bob asks John if '13 is an unlucky number' and there is a reply, 'yes'."

The sound of running water in the Engine Room.

"Cornelia and Bob ask John if he minds if his name is erased from QM history, and then Cornelia says, 'John likes the attention' and a long creepy 'YES' follows."