Investigators of the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary's evidence of the afterlife has been gathered by those who are dedicated to unbiased findings of the paranormal: investigators. Investigators have spent countless hours navigating the maze within the ship, getting to know her twists and turns from top to bottom. They have dedicated themselves to their work of waiting for the paranormal phenomenon to happen, as we all know, it never happens on cue. They have donated their time to pouring over audio recordings, video recordings, photographs, and various meter readings, gleaning the bits of evidence that have been brought to you here at Queen Mary Shadows. So we take this moment to tell you a little about each investigator of the RMS Queen Mary.

Bob Davis

Bob Davis is a paranormal investigator born in Phoenix, Arizona and now resides in Southern California. Bob, along with Ash and Laurel Blackwell, and Brian Clune, owns Planet Paranormal Radio, as well as founded Planet Paranormal Investigations, and more recently Queen Mary Shadows.

Mr. Davis has been studying the paranormal for thirty years and is certified as an EVP Specialist, Paranormal Researcher and Phase Displacement Specialist. Planet Paranormal Broadcast Network hosts over 30 paranormal related podcasts and syndicated radio shows across the web, and hosts shows such as "Nightwatch" with legendary horror film producer Todd Sheets, "Spirit Talk" with Chris Fleming of Biography Channel's "Dead Famous", "A Link To Heaven" with psychic detective Robbie Thomas, and many more great shows. Planet Paranormal Investigations investigates establishments across the U.S. including private businesses and homes to famous haunts like Alcatraz Penitentiary, the Queen Mary, and Tombstone, Arizona, just to name a few. Planet Paranormal members are currently working on several books on the paranormal called “Planet Paranormal's Guide To The Other Side”. The first two books are near completion and due out in 2012. Bob is best known for the audio conversation captured along with teammate Brian Clune on the Queen Mary in December 2008 . This conversation with Jackie the talking ghost child lasted for 17 minutes and has made press in the New York Daily News, The World News, and The Los Angeles Examiner.

It is believed the spirit captured by Bob Davis and Brain Clune is the same one captured on the now famous film clip by the late Peter James having an extended conversation with the little ghost girl Jackie during the hit television show Sightings on the SciFi Channel. Jackie is the little girl spirit who likes to frequent the pool area of the Queen Mary. Mr. Davis and his team are now attempting to get the two audio clips matched by audio forensic analysis. Preliminary results are highly promising but further backing and analysis are needed before any conclusions can be reached.

Bob has been a guest on over 20 radio shows in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Mr. Davis is the executive producer of the soon to be released horror film “Paradox” by Robbie Thomas. Mr. Davis is also going to be featured in two upcoming documentaries currently being filmed and also has stories featured in books currently being sold on board the ship including "Queen Mary Ghost" by Rob and Anne Wlodarski.

Bob has also has appeared on the Travel Channel's hit TV series “Ghost Adventures” in fall 2009, as well as Sy Fy Channel's widely popular television series “Ghost Hunters” in March 2010 on the Alcatraz Penitentiary special, and also "The Queen Mary" episode of “My Ghost Story” on the Biography Channel.

Bob Davis, and a source who wishes to remain silent were instrumental in securing the right for the paranormal community to actively research the ship for paranormal activity. Bob is currently co-authoring a book on the Queen Mary as well as doing a documentary film about his team's research on the ship and the Queen Mary Shadows project.

Mr. Davis also does lectures about the Queen Mary and his team's research work with the ship. In addition, he also does consulting work for the Television and Film industry.

Bob makes his living as a commercial real estate developer by day and is an avid ghost hunter by night.

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Cornelia Davidson

Cornelia Davidson is a lifelong psychic/medium. She was four years old when she had her first memorable paranormal experience. She grew up in a haunted house with a demon, and it's 3 captives. She began crossing over spirits at age 12. She has done house calls for friends throughout her school years, and thus began a love of visiting haunted places. She started working at the RMS Queen Mary when she was 19 years old. Her first psychic experience was in the parking lot of the historic hotel, and her most memorable was outside of the pool area with one of Sarah's residual memories. Paranormal experiences were a daily occurrence on the massive ship, which eventually led to a friendship with Peter James. Cornelia continues to investigate the ship, as well as other areas in Southern California.

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Gerald S. Reynolds

Hometown: Long Beach Ca.

1st Paranormal Experience: 1971, Carson Ca.
We just moved into a new home, had been there less then a year I guess and one Saturday afternoon I was by myself in my sister's room watching her little portable black and white television. I was growing sleepy and rolled over on the bed to face the wall. As I laid there it felt like somebody climbed onto the bed with me and laid down next to me, back to back. I could feel their back up against mine. I was very annoyed and turned around to see who it was and nobody was there. I ran back into the living room and told my family what had just happened but I don't think they believed me. That was the only time it did happen there yet its something I'll never forget. I think that is where I started having a healthy curiosity about the paranormal and ghosts.

Other Paranormal experiences pre-Queen Mary:
1992 and I am sitting in my apartment in Long Beach. My mother had passed away from heart failure at that time and I was alone watching TV, not really thinking about anything. As I sat there I heard a voice call my name "Jerry" as clear as one person talking to another. I looked to the other end of the couch and nobody was there.
1997 I was married by now and living in Fullerton California. I was up late one night surfing the web. My stepson was sleeping and so was my wife and baby girl. As I sat there, suddenly, someone or something patted me on top of my head three times. Like a parent giving love pats to a child. One, two, three and I turned around and saw nobody. I checked on the family and everyone was sleeping. Who was it?

Some years past and in 2006 I attended Ghost Fest at the Queen Mary, mainly to see George Noory do his show live. I actually met Peter James. It was in the Forward Observation Bar and Noory was doing his thing and Peter was sitting with a friend of his just behind me. He was standing when I stood up from my chair and turned around and we looked each at each other,eye to eye. I just sort of nodded and didn't say anything and just sat back down. Only time I ever met him and didn't say a word. Later that night I took my first ghost tour with Pat Wheelock who's team was giving tours that evening. About a year later I would record my first EVP in the Iso Room early on a Monday morning and it all kind of took off from there.
I have been assisting on the Midnight Ghost Tour with Pat Wheelock since early 2008 and have had many experiences on the Queen Mary. Recorded many EVPs, videos, photos, been touched twice, seen a shadow person, a full body apparition, a girl's pony tail being lifted up seemingly by itself in the forward cargo hold and had a bobby pin thrown at me in the changing room of the 1st class pool by an unseen entity.
I have also made many new friends in this time. Other Queen Mary investigators, including those listed on your Bio page for investigators. Know them all and have investigated with each of them. Of course my experiences have expanded beyond the Queen Mary but that is for another place. This is about the Queen Mary and it has been my pleasure to get to know just about every inch of her and her ghosts.

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Rob and Anne Wlodarski

Rob Wlodarski was born in the very haunted Queen of Angels hospital in Los Angeles, California, Wlodarski has BA’s in history, anthropology, and an MA in anthropology from California State University, Northridge. As a professional archaeologist and the President of Historical, Environmental, Archaeological, Research, Team (H.E.A.R.T.) and Cellular, Archaeological, Resource, Evaluations (C.A.R.E.) since 1972, Mr. Wlodarski has administered over 1500 archaeological and historical projects for federal, state, county, and city agencies and private companies, and has authored and co-authored over 20 articles for journals and magazines throughout California and the Southwest. Mr. Wlodarski, the President of Mayan Moon Productions, has co-authored seven screenplays: The Crawling Eye, Cities of Stone, The Cool Change, Illusion, No Innocents, Ghost Glass, and The Palace of Unknown King. Mr. Wlodarski has served as a consultant for: Catalina, A Treasure from The Past for Ironwood Productions; the History Channel/Greystone Productions on their Haunted History series; and Consulting Producer with the Food Network on Haunted Restaurants; The Travel Channel/Indigo Productions on their Most Haunted America series; Authentic Entertainment /TLC on their Haunted Hotels series; Mike Mathis Productions/The Travel Channel on the Mysterious Journeys program; and USA TV Special: Weekend before the Movie – The Whaley House; Featured on Coast to Coast AM and Darkness Radio.

Anne Wlodarski was born in San Antonio, Texas. Ms. Wlodarski is a registered art therapist. She received her MA in behavioral science from the University of Houston, and has published several articles including a chapter in California Art Therapy Trends. She has been an exhibiting artist and is the president and founder of HEARTWORLD Arts Center for Children, a non-profit organization for abused and disadvantaged youth. Ms. Wlodarski served as an education outreach coordinator and gallery assistant for the City of Los Angeles' Artspace Gallery from 1989-1993 and has been featured in the media for her work with children and the arts. She was honored as a "Sunday Woman" by the Daily News, and was a J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award nominee. She is also a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), and the Southern California Art Therapy Association (SCATA). Ms. Wlodarski is Vice-President of Mayan Moon Productions, and has co-authored six screenplays: The Crawling Eye, Cities of Stone, The Cool Change, Illusion, No Innocents, and Ghost Glass.

Together, they founded G-Host Publishing, Friends of Ghosts (FOG), and the International Paranormal Research Organization (IPRO) which has researched and/or investigated over 1000 haunted locations throughout the Unites States and Mexico, and have authored the following books: A Guide to the Haunted Queen Mary: Ghostly Apparitions, Psychic Phenomena, and Paranormal Activity; Haunted Catalina: A History of the Island and Guide to Paranormal Activity; The Haunted Alamo: A History of the Mission and Guide to Paranormal Activity; The Haunted Whaley House: A History and Guide to the Most Haunted House in America; Haunted Alcatraz: A History of La Isla de los Alcatraces and Guide to Paranormal Activity; Spirits of the Alamo; The Haunted Queen Mary, Long Beach, California; Southern Fried Spirits: A Guide to Haunted Restaurants, Inns, and Taverns; Dinner and Spirits: A Guide to America's Most Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns; A Texas Guide to the Most Haunted Restaurants, Taverns and Inns of the Lone Star State; California Hauntspitality: A Ghostly Guide to Haunted Inns, Restaurants, and Taverns; Spirits of the Leonis Adobe: History and Hauntings in Calabasas, California; Louisiana Hauntspitality: A Ghostly Guide to Haunted Inns, Restaurants, and Taverns; Haunted Whaley House II; Fullerton Ghosts; Ghosts of Old Town San Diego State Historic Park; California Ghosts: A Guide to America's Most Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns on the West Coast; Ghosts of Old Town State Historic Park; Fullerton Ghosts; Spirits of the Banning Residence Museum, Wilmington, California; Bottles of Boo's: America's Most Haunted Bars and Taverns; Spirits Live: Talking with the Dead: Casebooks of American Ghost Hunters; Alamo Ghosts; Haunted Catalina II; and, Queen Mary Ghosts.

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