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We are here to inform the public about the paranormal side of the RMS Queen Mary. We are a collaborative project of investigation teams and individuals to help bring together evidence, experiences, and data from aboard the Queen Mary.

It is fitting that our beloved Queen Mary took her final voyage on Halloween of 1967 docking permanently in Long Beach, California. But although she no longer sails the seas of the world, she continues to sail the seas of the afterworld, carrying with her a plethora of passengers of another time and dimension. From the belly of the cargo hold to the stately suites above, the RMS Queen Mary is haunted by spirits, spectres, shadows, and ghosts collected along her many ventures across the ocean. From her days as a war ship in the 1940's to her current stature of a vintage, luxury hotel, the Queen has acquired phantasm attachments from all walks of life.

Join us as we explore, investigate, and try to gain an understanding of the phenomena that dwells within The Grey Ghost. It is here where every voice is considered, and all evidence is reviewed with an open mind.

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