Photographic Evidence from the Queen Mary

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Ship Cross Section as seen from water-side.

Deck by Deck we will post possible photographic evidence of the paranormal phenomena that takes place aboard this timeless ship. Click on the ship deck plans to see each deck in detail as they were pre-war.



Sports Deck

Deck Officers' Quarters, Dog Kennels, Deck Tennis Courts, Funnels and Whistles, Engineers' Top Quarters - now Sir Winston's.




Sir Winston's




Promenade Deck

Enclosed Promenades, Main Hall, Shopping, 1st Class Library, Lecture Room, and Music Studio, Observation Bar, 1st Class Children's Room, Drawing Room, Writing Rooms, Main Lounge, The Long Gallery, 1st Class Smoking Room, and Ballroom, The Starboard Gallery, 2nd Class Smoking Room, and Mermaid Bar

B Deck

1st Class Staterooms, 1st Class Barbers and Beauty Parlor, 2nd Class Barbers and Beauty Parlor, 2nd Class Cabins, Synagogue, 3rd Class Children's Playroom, 3rd Class Public Rooms: Cinema and Library, Crew Quarters, Isolation Wards, 3rd Class Cabins.


R Deck

1st Class Dining Room, Kitchens, 2nd Class Entrance & Dining Room, 2nd Class Cabins, 1st Class Swimming Pool (upper level), 3rd Class Dining, and Cabins, Crew's Pub & Recreation Area (The Pig & Whistle), Crew Quarters


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C Deck

1st Class Swimming Pool & Turkish Baths (Dressing Room level), Working Alleyways, Crew Quarters, 2nd & 3rd Class Cabins



Boiler Room 4

Contains catwalk many decks above, and is host to a platform where bands have been known to play during the Queen Mary's haunted and halloween events.



Exhibits and Museums

Features rooms showing original quarters, barber shops, lounges, military quarters, the propeller box, and various historical memorabilia.