Peter James

A Tribute To A First Class Investigator, Gifted Psychic, and Steward of The Paranormal Aboard The Queen Mary

This site is dedicated to the memory of Peter James who was a gifted psychic and pioneer in the field of paranormal research. Peter was born in New York and first discovered his abilities as a child when he communicated with the resident child spirits in the apartment building he lived in. Through the years Peter's psychic abilities flourished and he dedicated his life to communicating with spirits and progressing paranormal research. Peter was best known for his 56 appearances on the hit Fox TV show "Sightings" where he traveled the country investigating reportedly haunted locations, none of which was more popular than the Sallie House case in Atchison, KS.

In the early 1990's, Peter was given free reign of the RMS Queen Mary and he was responsible for discovering the many ghosts that inhibit the ship including "Jackie' the talking ghost in the First Class Pool Room. The entire conversation between Jackie and Peter was captured on video tape and stunned Queen Mary executives so much that Peter went on to become the resident psychic aboard the ship hosting Dinner and Ghost Tours for many years. I met Peter on one of his very first tours and we quickly became close friends.

On a personal level, I have to say that Peter was the most humble and warm person I have ever known. On several occasions, I was invited by Peter to tag along on his tours and no matter how many people he had on his tour, he always made sure that every single person felt special and gave them one on one attention. Peter liked to explain the world of the paranormal and simplify it so much that everyone could understand it and not fear it. One of his famous quotes was "So in in death.." He encouraged those with psychic abilities to embrace it and not be afraid. Peter's methodology is widely used by researchers in communicating with spirits by using thought provoking comments to get a response from a spirit. Peter believed that we live in a parallel world of co-existence with spirits and that it is our lack of understanding and knowledge that limits our ability to proceed more aggressively and openly at trying to identify paranormal activity and communicate.

It was important for Peter that he leave a legacy behind after his passing. I believe without a doubt that he has and also paved the way for all of us. Peter was always quoted as saying.."To the believer no explanation is the non-believer no explanation is possible".

Frank Beruecos

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